Literary Review: A Wrinkle In Time By: Madeleine L’Engle

A Wrinkle In Time among many of the other novels I have read  and therefore reviewed is incredibly ahead of its time.This book was published in 1962 and in that time many people were delirious to the fact that anything outside of their little box of normality was even remotely possible. This novel was inspiring to me because it shows that you really can put yourself out there and be accepted.

Literary Review: A Diamond Guitar By: Truman Capote

March 15, 2015

Today is another day to discuss perfection. The novel A Diamond Guitar Written by: Truman Capote, is an incredible piece of work. Absolutely flawless. Truman Capote is an extraordinary author to begin with but this novel made me put him into a whole different perspective. The only negative point that I would like to make about this novel would be that it came across as incomplete. It ended at a good place but not a finished place. This novel was the perfect example of friendship development. Tico Feo was a self involved but beautiful man who played a diamond guitar that mesmorised the other inmates of the prison. There were few expectations of the inmates and Tico Feo took advantage of that. Although unfinished this book was extraordinary.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s Literary Review

March 15, 2015

Today I am not here to discuss the fact that I use size 16 font instead of size 12 and the fact that I use Arial font instead of times new roman. I am here to discuss perfection. An example of this is a mug of hot tea on a rainy day, or a duck blanket in general. Our main subject to discuss today is, Breakfast At Tiffany’s By: Truman Capote. First of all I need to say that I was extremely impressed by this novel. Truman Capote expressed his personal beliefs through his characters. The personality he contains is something very special. Secondly I would have to say that Rusty Trawler was my favorite character overall. He was a quite under developed character which I enjoyed. He reminded me of a lost puppy dog, who Miss. Holly Golightly refused to save. Throughout the novel Rusty Trawler remained this lost puppy who continued to develop its temper. In the end Holly realized that the lost puppy she had been carrying with her was not all it let up to be. The narrator throughout the story had quite the obsession with Holly Golightly. He thought highly of her in the beginning and developed a fascination and a friendship with her in the end. The novel revealed an underlying point about half way through, Holly Golightly was very close to a woman called Sally Tomato who ran a popular drug rig that the officals thought Holly was involved in. Something that through me off while reading Breakfast At Tiffany’s was the fact that Holly could afford anything in her wake, especially in her time, But she did not work. Then I thought to myself well it is most likely from the men that she is involved with. With this novel you really do uncover new secrets with every page you read. I believe that this novel received all of the publicity that it did simply because of how in depth and ahead of its time it was created.