The remaining piece of Life

I decided to sit down and write this post to my outstanding audience of 0, to anyone who could possibly be listening. The remaining piece of Life, something that I’ve always thought deeply about in my life. So much to the point where I had to take a painstaking break from thinking about anything remotely close to the subject for a while. So what is the true meaning of the remaining piece of Life you ask? well the truth is I don’t know. For me what I have theorized in my hours of thinking in bed at 4 am with only the stars as my company, is that the remaining piece of life is what you have the raw un edited truth of who you are skin, bones and soul. When the moon melts the sun at the end of the day and you lay your head on your pillow no matter what happened that day, whether it was one of the worst or one of the best days of your life. The remaining piece of life is you. You are your own remaining piece of life. I know this might be slightly confusing but, For example recently I have gone through an earth shattering, life altering, awful to put it lightly experience for the last 6 months. How did I handle my life falling a part one piece at a time (Seriously not an over exaggeration) you ask? In the worst moments I recognized how I am the remaining piece of life. No matter how much goes wrong who leaves, who comes into your life, where you go and where you can’t go. In the end you’re always there, and it always ends with you. 

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