Heart Strings


In the late nights of my thinking some times I ponder. What is the most reckless thing you can do with your heart? I have come to a lot of answers that seem logical in my brain, such as trust someone you know might hurt you, etc. But as I continued to think about this I found that the most reckless thing you can do with your heart is to not be reckless with it. In my brain it doesn’t seem logical, but in my heart it makes perfect sense.

A Bowl Full of Stars

Listen up

to what my soul conjures up,

all her life she thought she was lost

until she opened up her eyes

looked outside

to see all the world had to offer

all of the constellations

underneath her fingertips

found what heaven looked like

in the light of the stars

for the first time in her life

she let go

let a star grab her by the hands

pull her up

and wrap her in its light

she finally knew

being lost wasn’t real

and neither were you

not even a word

a verb

because you are never lost

when you are

a beautiful little

piece of universe

The remaining piece of Life

I decided to sit down and write this post to my outstanding audience of 0, to anyone who could possibly be listening. The remaining piece of Life, something that I’ve always thought deeply about in my life. So much to the point where I had to take a painstaking break from thinking about anything remotely close to the subject for a while. So what is the true meaning of the remaining piece of Life you ask? well the truth is I don’t know. For me what I have theorized in my hours of thinking in bed at 4 am with only the stars as my company, is that the remaining piece of life is what you have the raw un edited truth of who you are skin, bones and soul. When the moon melts the sun at the end of the day and you lay your head on your pillow no matter what happened that day, whether it was one of the worst or one of the best days of your life. The remaining piece of life is you. You are your own remaining piece of life. I know this might be slightly confusing but, For example recently I have gone through an earth shattering, life altering, awful to put it lightly experience for the last 6 months. How did I handle my life falling a part one piece at a time (Seriously not an over exaggeration) you ask? In the worst moments I recognized how I am the remaining piece of life. No matter how much goes wrong who leaves, who comes into your life, where you go and where you can’t go. In the end you’re always there, and it always ends with you. 

All of the Stars

I look up at the sky,

All of the glittering stars,

Pasted across the black.

Each one wrapping around each other

in attempt to be the brightest.

Low dark clouds gathered

around the mountaintops,

and threatened rain.

The water seemed to speak to me

with each wave that rolled upon the shore.

My mouth tasted like a salted slug on a warm day.

My feet pressed against the cool sand.

I looked around me, the night sky seemed to swallow the scene whole.

To my right was my mother,

dressed in a black bathing suit cover up

and waves tied into a bun

Coloured Seashells

Cinnamon Sugar coated fingertips,

Sea breeze whipping your hair into your face,

Shore mates tight on your toes,

The sound of sea birds squawking,

I griped tightly onto the seashell I found in the water and walked toward my mother,

I sat down next to her, and placed

The seashell between us. Its’ milky

pinkish colour seemed eternal.

Just like us.


The Real Meaning Of Loneliness

You can say you feel alone but the real meaning of loneliness is not present until your darkest loneliest moment in life, that one moment that makes you truly rethink your decisions and your purpose. The moment when you realize you only have yourself, the only person who can understand you is yourself. What people generally don’t understand is the fact that being that alone in the present time is a real thing, it is a real consequence of the life that you have chosen for yourself. You need to break free of your own shield that is keeping you from being okay. Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 1.48.38 PM.png